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9/17/18 5:20 PM CDT - on Sunday 9/9/18, the default IP adddress used to update sales was deleted by our hosting service.
Mall managers must change the FTP site number (instructions below).
95% of the malls HAVE already changed the FTP Site no and sales for MOST MALLS ARE UP-TO-DATE.

Only the following 7 stores numbers HAVE NOT been updated since 9/8: 126, 142, 189, 298, 815, 937 and 994.

Mall Managers Note: Please change the what-sold FTP site No: - to Site No 4 (MI)
Login into AMAS (main program) and from the Main Menu --> File Maintenance Menu --> System Parameters and choose Misc Options tab on top.
On right-hand side of screen, 4th line down change the "what-sold FTP site No:", pull down and change to Site No 4 (MI1)

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